Navy Sailor Surprises Grandma With World's Cutest Military Homecoming (VIDEO)

sailor surprises grandmaAny kind of military homecoming is amazing, but there's something so incredibly sweet about seeing a young man surprise his grandma. The combination of a grown man wanting to put a smile on his nana's face coupled with an adorable nana screaming out in shock and delight is priceless.

Check out this weepy video of a U.S. Navy sailor surprising his sweet grandmother. He hadn't been home for Christmas in four years -- you'd be that shocked, too!


Is it possible for this woman's reaction be any more adorable? Nothing has the ability to put a smile on someone's face like a genuine surprise -- even if you're just watching at home on your laptop. So cute.

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It's funny. When we think of the men and women who are fighting for our country, we automatically think of words like "strong" and "tough" -- and rightfully so. But when we see them come home and cuddle up to grandma, we see another side to them. And it makes us love them even more.

How cute is this?


Image via John Bebber/YouTube

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