Seal Hitches a Sweet Ride (An Actual Seal, Not Heidi Klum’s Ex-Husband) (VIDEO)

seal boatIt's pretty much official: This fur seal is the cutest stowaway ever. EVER. Not that the average stowaway is all that cute, necessarily. I mean, when you think about it, hitchhikers are usually sort of disheveled, sketchy types, right? (Or are those the people who pick up the hitchhikers?) Anyway. Point is, this little guy has been hitching rides on boats off the Queensland, Australia coast for the past week or so, and he's just too adorable for words. And friendly, too! Which leads me to the big question here ...


Why is Mr. Roly-Poly Fur Seal here chasing boats in the first place? Maybe even fur seals get tired of swimming from time to time. Maybe Boat Hopping is a sport in some secret Fur Seal Olympics we humans don't know about and this little fella is in training. Personally, I think he's just a little bit lonely. And maybe a tiny smidge bored, too. He would make an excellent house pet, if not for the whole living in the ocean thing.

Or maybe they should make a tv show about him, like Flipper. Or a movie, like ... all those movies about whales and penguins and stuff. Must. Have. More. FUR SEAL.

What would you do if this fur seal hitched a ride on your boat?

Image via CBSNews

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