Fish Grabs Man's Arm & It's a 'Reel' Scream (VIDEO)

tarponSounds like a bad joke: Didja hear the one about the fish who caught a guy and threw him back? Whaaa?! But it's no joke, even if it is funny. Well, probably not that funny to the guy who nearly got dragged to the depths by a not-so-little ocean dweller. I mean, for a while there it really looked like the fish was gonna win that one! Thank god someone had the good sense to film the fishy fiasco, cause this was a sight no one should have to miss. And lest we sound cruel, this guy was totally asking to be bait. As you'll see ...


I mean, come on -- nobody forced the guy to dangle his arm over the side of that pier. What was he expecting? Okay, probably NOT for a Tarpon (a fish which can grow to be 8 feet long and weigh 280 pounds) to come leaping out of the water and latch on to his arm.

Which it did! You gotta see this:

Whoo-boy! Bet that dude is gonna think twice before he dangles his arm tantalizingly into the ocean again! That's one hell of a big fish. And it really freaks me out how it looks like the head is gonna come popping off!!!

Do you think this guy learned a lesson about teasing giant scary fish?


Image via Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr

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