Stunning Dolphin Stampede Shocks People on Little Boat (VIDEO)

dolphin stampedeDolphin stampede! Who doesn't love themselves some dolphins? In a world filled with scary beasties of a bazillion varieties, dolphins are like rays of endearingly intelligent and super-cute sunshine. Underwater, usually.

But not always! Sometimes -- not very often, but sometimes -- dolphins leap out of the water. (Maybe when they're feeling particularly playful or energetic, I don't know.) And sometimes -- not very often at all, but sometimes -- a whole ton of dolphins go leaping out of the water at the same time. As was recently the case off the coast of Dana Point, California, when more than 1,000 dolphins put on a stunning show for the unsuspecting passengers of Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari.


Can you even imagine being on that boat?! A dolphin stampede! I didn't even know dolphins could stampede. And apparently experts don't necessarily know WHY they even do it -- some think the animals are just having fun, others say it has to do with feeding, still others suspect dolphins just like chasing boats. Personally? I think they're all a bunch of showoffs, but who can blame them? They're so cute. And fast. And they have flippers, awwww. Really, you gotta see this. It's amazing.

What would you have done if you were on this boat when 1,000 dolphins decided to stampede?

Image via CBSNews

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