Dramatic Russian Plane Crash Footage Shows the Moment the Jet Slams Into Highway (VIDEO)

Russian plane crashA shocking video of a deadly Russian plane crash shows the jet skidding off a snowy, slippery runway in Moscow, slamming into a busy road, and breaking into pieces.

The accident killed five people, including both pilots and three other crew members. Luckily the flight wasn't carrying any passengers and had only eight crew aboard. The three survivors were said to be seriously injured.

As horribly sad as it is that those people were lost, this is one of those tragedies that could have been far, far more devastating. Not only was the Red Wings Airlines plane, a Tu-204, empty save for the eight -- normally the aircraft can hold more than 200 -- but it came to a stop before barreling into traffic on the highway. So many more people could have died in the crash.

But what makes this one even more unusual is that it was caught on tape by a passing car's dashboard camera. You won't believe what you're seeing here ...


Incredible and so scary, right? If you look closely, you can see luggage, parts of the plane, and other debris smashing into the cars on the road.

So often we see photos of plane crash debris after the fact, but it's still rare, even in the age of smartphone cameras, to catch the moment of impact on film like this. Though the investigation is obviously only in the beginning stages, malfunctioning brakes in bad weather were likely a factor -- apparently not a first for this type of aircraft. Pilot error was also being looked into, at least initially, as a cause of Saturday's accident.

Our hearts are with the loved ones of those killed. And hopefully this video and the flight data will help determine what happened -- and the right steps can be taken to prevent another tragic crash like this.

Have you ever seen such dramatic video of a plane crash before?


Image via YouTube

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