Marine's Surprise Christmas Homecoming Is the Best Gift Ever for His Mom (VIDEO)

marine homecomingMy son is only 7 years old, so I can't really imagine what it would be like if he were a Marine stationed in some faraway place like Japan -- especially during the holidays. But I'm pretty sure I would have exactly the same reaction Stephanie Morales did when her son Gerald Morales (a Marine stationed in Japan) decided to give his mom the best Christmas present ever: A surprise homecoming. What was Stephanie's reaction? Well, if you're anything like me, watching it will bring tears to your eyes ...


See, Stephanie was truly surprised -- thanks to some serious secret-keeping on the part of her co-workers and Gerald's siblings. As far as she knew, it was just another day at work. Just another meeting on her schedule ... except this meeting would be a little bit different. Watch:

Aww, doesn't it just break your heart? But in a good way, of course. I'm sure I would be just like Stephanie if my all-grown-up son surprised me at work, looking like a big handsome man in his dress uniform ... aww! "I didn't think you'd be home for Christmas!!"

Are you expecting any military homecomings this holiday season?


Image via EricJensenKOMO/YouTube

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