Military Wives Go Bare for PTSD (VIDEO)

Battling Bare

Military wife and mom Ashley Wise was tired of struggling in silence as she and her children dealt with her husband's post-traumatic stress disorder following his deployments.

So she decided to do something that would get everyone's attention.

Check out our Moms Matter video featuring Ashley's story after the jump, and tell us in the comments what you think!


Moms Matter also held a Google Hangout yesterday with four more military wives and moms who had plenty to say about mental health and the military. Check it out:

As a reporter first in Columbia, South Carolina, then in Nashville, Tennessee, I covered military bases as part of my general assignment beat and always had a really hard time getting spouses of men in the military to speak publicly on any subject. They are a close-knit community, afraid to embarrass their husbands or their base by going public with anything that might be construed as criticism.

I'm glad that social media seems to be changing things in the military community. Between blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, military spouses are getting and giving support and speaking out, anonymously or not, about the problems they face. When it comes to PTSD in particular, this kind of online support seems incredibly helpful for these women. It is so important for them to realize that they are FAR from alone.

Check out Battling Bare's Facebook page for more information on how to get help for PTSD, or just to support the cause.

And Blue Star Families is a great resource for military families as well.

What do you think of Ashley Wise's story? Would you Battle Bare if you were in her shoes?

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