The Best Surprise Military Homecomings of 2012 (VIDEOS)

Military homecomingMilitary deployments are hard for everyone involved. While soldiers are fighting terrifying battles abroad, families are fighting emotional ones at home. Constantly hoping for a phone call or an email, putting together care packages, keeping an eye on the news -- all facets of being in a military family. Wanna know the best part of it all, though? When your soldier comes back home.

Military homecomings are a beautiful thing. When an eight-month tour feels like it lasts two years, seeing the person you love and holding them in your arms makes you finally feel whole again. Yes, every homecoming is beautiful and heartwarming, but we've compiled a list of some of the best surprise homecomings from the past year. Check out 10 of 2012's best military homecomings that will be sure to make you teary-eyed:


1. Sergeant First Class Scott Faile surprises his family at a football game:

2. Sergeant Melody Webb surprises her daughter at school:

3. Captain America (otherwise known as Dad) surprises his sons after his Afghanistan deployment:

4. Sgt. Maj. Ronald Morse surprises his youngest daughter at dance class:

5. One soldier comes home to greet his excited dog Chuck:

6. Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Corrales surprises his two children dressed as Santa:

7. Army specialist Eric Espinosa surprises his daughter Alexis at SeaWorld:

8. Steven Smerer surprises his son at a Seattle Mariners game:


9. Sgt. Major John Randau surprises his daughters at a high school football game:

10. Petty Officer Dale Williams surprises his daughter at a football game:

Are you in tears? You can be honest.


Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

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