Couple's Adorable Save the Date Goes Viral & Gets Viciously Attacked (VIDEO)

viral save the dateSave-the-dates might just be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. Unlike with the invitations, which tend to be more formal and timeless, you get to choose a quirky, lighthearted, creative design that really reflects what you and your significant other are all about. For one couple, Marla and Jonny, that meant a funny play on words: The two sent out a "Shave the Date," with the date of their wedding "shaved" (thanks to the power of Photoshop) into Jonny's beard. Too cute.

But somehow, their save-the-date went viral, and Marla was suddenly getting attacked online by strangers writing nasty comments about -- get this -- her teeth! The engaged couple talked to Jeff Probst about how it all went down ...


While it's amazing that they eventually learned from it and made the best of an upsetting situation, wow, does my heart go out to Marla. Sure, there's always bound to be an overly opinionated aunt or in-law who doesn't love the save-the-date the way you two do, but this kind of reaction was pretty much the LAST thing a bride expects to have to endure when her save-the-date goes out. 

They could have ripped Marla for her teeth in any kind of photo. But this context in particular is an especially sensitive one. This was their wedding announcement. Marla's a BRIDE. And based on that alone, yes, she's beautiful. And she has a gorgeous, unique smile. One she deserves to feel proud of.

For something so sweet, innocent, and above all, personal -- that was always meant first and foremost to be shared only with those nearest and dearest to the couple -- to be completely attacked by strangers is just plain sick. What is wrong with people?!

Thankfully, in the end, it seems like the couple was able to move past these horrible remarks and not let them impede on their present and future happiness. But this still goes to show that anything that hits the web, no matter how special and personal, may be doomed to be subjected to disturbing criticism. What a shame.

What do you think about the remarks Marla got on her save-the-date?


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