Elaborate Proposal Aboard USS Intrepid Puts All Other Engagements to Shame (VIDEO)

uss intrepidMarcial Alzugarcy isn't one for simple affairs. If his proposal to his 28-year-old girlfriend is any indication, it would seem that this guy lives by the "go big, or go home" method. After planning for months, Marcial finally popped the question on board the USS Intrepid here in Manhattan. His girlfriend, Brynn Joyce, thought they were simply on a tour of the vessel, but little did she know everyone on board was, well, on board to give her an afternoon she'd never forget. 


Marcial and Brynn met when they were students at the Naval Academy in 2002, and Marical says he wanted the engagement to highlight that significant part of their relationship. That, and he wanted to incorporate their song, which, oddly enough, happens to be Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Interesting.

Watch this touching and elaborate proposal. Oh, and spoiler alert! She says yes:

What was your proposal like?


Photo via playitno/Flickr

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