7 Baby Pandas Sleeping in a Crib Will Slay You (VIDEO)

pandasReady to feel really, really good today? Just look at that photo of seven panda cubs!! Look at it! I honestly don't know what my fascination with pandas is -- maybe it's because I'm Asian -- but I could stare at cute little pandas, especially taking a nice, cozy nap together, all freakin' day and consider that day to be a freakin' fantastic day. That's why I love it when they make the news, since it gives me even more of an excuse to fulfill this incessant, deep, dark, carnal desire.

The Chengdu Panda Base in China recently released some photographs of a bunch of baby pandas, and I just ... I just can't. According to CNN, there are seven, yes, seven of 'em, and they were all born between July and September 2012. Four of them are male and three of them are female and OMG JUST LOOK AT THEM I CAN'T GET OVER IT.

Isn't your day awesome now?


The oldest is a 3-month-old male whose name is Oreo. He was born last July on the opening day of the London Olympics. The youngest of the pandas are twins, Cheng Shuang and Cheng Dui, born September 12.

You can actually go visit these completely adorable seven panda cubs at the Sunshine and Moon Nursery House at the Chengdu Panda Base, located in Sichuan, China. But you cannot hold them at the moment. Jeez, can you imagine when that time comes, if you're actually able to hold and cuddle with these insanely cute cubs? I imagine ovaries exploding all throughout Chengdu. It's now home to about 100 pandas and is one of the largest panda centers in the world.

If you don't think the thousands of dollars to get to China would be worth it, here's a video of them sleeping. Yep, they're just sleeping. But when they twitch in their sleep, it's SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. Someone really needs to set up a webcam for these cubs -- it'd be up on my computer screen 24/7.

And for your viewing pleasure, even more pandas playing on a slide at Chengdu. Is this place heaven or what?:

Aren't these pandas the cutest things you've seen all day?


Image via Chengdu Pambassador/YouTube

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