2012 Election Results: It's Ladies' Night in America!

elizabeth warrenIt's an exciting elections night for women so far! "Professor" Elizabeth Warren won her bid for senator in Massachusetts. Nerd power! Kirsten Gillibrand held onto her senate seat in New York State (we knew she would). Disabled Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth won Congressional seat for Illinois. Debbie Stabenow held onto her seat in Michigan. And Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin has become the first out lesbian senator in U.S. history.

Claire Conner McCaskill "legitimately" defeated Todd Akin in Missouri. Akin became notorious for his comment on "legitimate rape." Joe Donnelly is no woman, I'd like to point out. But it's worth mentioning that he defeated Richard Mourdock of Indiana, who became infamous for his remarks that a pregnancy resulting from rape is part of God's plan. Um, was it God's will that Mourdock lose -- or was it the people of Indiana's? But let's get back to the ladies!


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We're kind of freaking out over this. Can I just say this? The East coast has started the Fuck Yeah Women ball rolling. And there's still plenty of results that we're still waiting on. But as someone who has watched this race with women's issues at the forefront of my mind, this is all tremendously exciting -- and gratifying.

Have you got the message, retro-candidates? We're not going back in time! We're not redefining rape. We're not pulling back on our reproductive rights. And we want more representation in the government. If you're following Emily's List on Facebook or Twitter you can see how exciting this all is. IT'S LADIES NIGHT IN THE SENTATE. According to Rebecca Traister we're at 18 women in the senate -- 19 depending on how things go in Hawaii. (UPDATE: Yup, 19 women in the Senate.) Binders of women are winning, y'all!

And now, Warren, Gillibrand, Baldwin, Duckworth, and McCaskill, it's on you. We are so proud of you. Please, do us proud in office!

What do you think of the returns so far, especially for women?


Image via Elizabeth Warren for Sentate

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