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20-Minute Flexibility Yoga Class for Moms
20-Minute Flexibility Yoga Class for Moms
This 20-minute yoga workout is designed specifically for moms and their busy schedules. In this episode, open your shoulders and your hips, improve your flexibility, and use in cooperation with the two other series to build strength and balance.
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Certified Yoga Instructor and Mom of 2 Jennifer Pettit ( has constructed three 20-minute yoga workouts specifically for moms. These videos are designed to help moms build strength, flexibility and balance, and offer modifications on postures for moms who need them. They make working out at home simple and relaxing. Try it for yourself!
  • Jennifer Pettit

    Jennifer Pettit's exploration of yoga began almost 20 years ago. She is a mother of 2 and specializes in Prenatal and Theraputic Hatha Yoga. You can read more about Jennifer here:

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