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Is My Plastic Shower Curtain Safe?
Is My Plastic Shower Curtain Safe?
Ever noticed that strong odor when you hang a new shower curtain? That's a sign of chemicals being released into the air that you and your family breathe in every day. Alexandra Zissu, mom, author and eco-consultant has some great suggestions for alternatives to keep your family safe and healthy.
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Mom-Ed: Green Living will help moms learn ways they can adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle that will be better for themselves, their families, and the environment. From Composting to No-Waste Lunches, each of our 9 episodes is jam packed with useful information to help moms put their families on the path to a greener way of life. Host Kristen Eykel is joined by a handful of eco-experts and each episode features a Gorgeously Green tip from Sophie Uliano.
  • Kristen Eykel

    Kristen Eykel is an expert yoga practitioner and natural-living enthusiast. She's the host of numerous yoga instructional DVDs and regularly appears on television as a wellness consultant.

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