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Do You Have a Toxic Home?
Do You Have a Toxic Home?
In this episode, Suzanne speaks with mom and green home expert, Dawn Lorenz ( about ways to rid your home of harmful toxins and chemicals. She also visits with neuroscientist Dr. Russell Blaylock about the toxins our children are exposed to - as early as when they are in the womb! We are now seeing more serious neurological diseases (Parkinson's and dementia) appearing in younger people as a result of these toxins. Watch this episode for simple, practical, natural solutions to a healthier home, and a healthier YOU!
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Actress and best-selling author Suzanne Somers comes to CafeMom in this fun, smart, empowering new talk show!

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    Actress and best-selling author, Suzanne Somers has joined forces with CafeMom Studios to host Suzanne Somers Breaking Through: a fun, smart, empowering new talk show!

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