Goodbye! -- Life With 3 Teens

three teenagers

Photo by  RAZmom88

We want to thank RAZmom88 for sharing her wild and wonderful life with us each week. This is her last installment. It's been a fun ride!

Spring is here! Which means spring sports around here. Andrea has soccer and Zack has track, and all the practices that go along with it.

Remember all the good things about your kids ...  not just all the drama that seems to fill teen lives. Enjoy being their mom, have fun with it. In the end, the only people that can honestly tell you whether or not you are a good parent are your kids. They are the only ones you have to please. Do your best, put them first, love them uncondiitionally, and always be there.


You choose to have the children, they had no choice. So try to make life as enjoyable as you can for them. It is hard being a teen in this world. Try to look at things through your teen's eyes. 

From the day they were born,  you were teaching them and taking care of them. Preparing them to be independent adults. When they are teens, you are almost there!  Be proud of your success. I am.


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