Talking About the Birds and the Bees

sex educationWhen my mom sat me down to discuss the birds and the bees, it was possibly one of the most awkward conversations ever.


It was provoked by needing her signature of approval for taking the sex education class in high school. She sits me down and, in probably the quickest and most formal way possible, explains sex. Male. Penis. Female. Vagina. Must be married. Done.

Bless her little naive heart, she has always been the type of person that, if you don't talk about it, it doesn't happen. Or so she'd like to think. So it's not surprising that she took this route. Was it the best? Probably not. It made it more taboo (and let's face it, that adds fuel to the fire for a teenager), and I was a bit more promiscuous then my friends with sex. I didn't do the deed with multiple guys, but I'm sure my steady boyfriend, whom I had those last two years of high school, definitely received high-fives in the boys' locker room.

So, I'm kinda loving this single dad's take on teaching his son about sex. Using a Playboy magazine and an inflatable sex doll, Tom Henderson not only teaches his son about sex but also teaches about the objectification of women. Read the full post on Parent Dish and tell me what you think.

How did your parents teach you about sex, or, if you have older kids, how did you teach yours?

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