What Really Happens on Spring Break -- Life With 3 Teens

three teens posing for camera

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life this week.

Flying the Coup

Ryan, 19, is on spring break this week, and guess where he is spending it ? Home! He has no money after a winter of car repairs. I cannot believe it is already spring break, it feels to me like Christmas break just ended.

Andrea, 18, and Zack, 15, spent the past weekend at  camp with our youth group. They had a lot of fun and came home with a dozen funny stories. We are truly blessed to be members of such a nice church with the best youth group and youth pastor in our area.


Ryan got a summer job at a major theme park, and will be living there over the summer. He will be working a lot of hours, and be hundreds of miles away from home. We will not be seeing him much. I am a little concerned how well he and Britt, his girlfriend, will handle being so far apart. Maybe she will get a job there? Her parents will love that.

Andrea, 18, has also announced that she will be gone this summer. She has decided to spend her summer with her bio-dad. This makes me very sad.  know she will have a good time, but I am really going to miss her. They are all growing up and moving on. I can hardly believe that this phase of my life is almost over.

Good thing I still have Zack, who will spend the summer in weight training, football conditioning and drivers training. I get to be the chauffeur.

Empty Nest Syndrome

I can't believe how hard it is hitting me, having them grow up. I had all three of them by the time I was 22. They have been my focus and my life for so long.  Actually they define who I am, their mom. I know I will always have that title, but the job description is sure changing. 

I also look at Andrea and Ryan and wonder how I was able to care for a baby at their age. They just do not seem ready to be parents, even though I sure would enjoy being a Grandma. I am proud they have chosen to wait until they are ready to have a family.

P.S.: Please pray for Ryan's girlfriend Brittany, who was injured during a cheer-leading  accident. The pyramid  fell with her on the bottom. She is having severe headaches and they are running tests to find out why.


Are you eager for your teens to leave home for college or work or is this a sad, difficult time for you?

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