15 Random Things -- Life With 3 Teens

three teens hanging out

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life this week.

15 Random Things About My Family

1. I am left handed and so are all three of my teens.

2. Andrea, 18, and Zack, 15, were both born on Saturday mornings on the 16th of the month.

3. My children attend public school but do not ride the bus. I drive them every morning and pick them up every afternoon. They cannot walk or ride bikes to school, as it is 10 miles to school.

4. All three the teens love vegetables, and none of them are picky eaters. Zack does not like Brussels sprouts, but that is the only thing he won't eat.

5. All five of us have blue eyes, even though Ryan's biological mom and Andrea's biological dad have brown eyes.


6. I would rather spend the day with one or all my children then anyone else in the world, (including my husband.)

7. Ryan 19, got his first tattoo at 17. My husband signed for it. 

8. My husband has two tattoos and I have one. Zack wants one, and this time we are using it as blackmail to keep his GPA above 3.0.

9. We stopped monitoring what music they listen to and  what TV shows and movies they watch about two years ago. They know that I do not like foul language so they are usually smart enough to keep the volume low. If they watch pornography,  they must do it after I am asleep, because I don't want to know about it.

10. The only rule we have about clothing is that it be appropriate for the occasion and clean.    They are allowed to express themselves any way they want.

11. I love having them and their friends around. Young people make you feel young, and look old!

12. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all girls. The dogs are Ginger and Carlie ( we just got this one, she is a 6 week old Labradoodle) and Abbie and Molly are the cats.

13. My husband and I attend church every Sunday morning.  Andrea always attends also,  Ryan attends if he is home and not working. Zack does not attend in the morning. I have given up begging, it just ruins my day.

14. We have three major expectations from our children: Love God, love yourself, and love others.Touch as many peoples' lives as positively as you can.

15. Our family has two mottoes: #1 If you've never failed you've never lived, and #2  Our family is filled with Hope and Faith and held together with Love and Grace.


What are 5 or 10 random things about your family?

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