Is Today's Dancing Simulated Sex?

dance floor

Freaking, grinding, rubbing private parts together. This is how today's kids dance, and the trend is so alarming that a number of high schools across the country are coming up with creative ways to stop dirty dancing, according to a post on The Frisky.

Some of the ways schools are trying to make school dances a little less X-rated:

  • Asking students to sign pledges or contracts;
  • Threatening to play bad music;
  • Launching a "dance like Grandma is watching" campaign;
  • Postponing dances indefinitely.

A writer on Parent Dish says the best way to thwart lewd dancing would be to ask a dozen or so adults and chaperones to join the dance floor and start grinding as soon as this behavior is spotted. Right now the visual of my former science teacher and the librarian getting down and dirty on the dance floor is making me nauseous so I'm guessing this would work really, really well.

Do you allow your tween or teen to grind and freak? Do you consider it simulated sex or harmless kid hormones?


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