Non-Alcoholic Kids' Beer Still Bad?



What are they drinking over there? I asked this a couple of weeks ago when I reported on a bizarre gun toy from Japan called Kaba Kick, a Russian Roulette game for kids.

And now I know the answer. They are drinking beer, at least the kids are. There really is a Japanese beer for little kids, according to OCWeekly.

In case there is any doubt what the light amber colored bubbly liquid with the foamy head on top is, you can visit the Tomamasu Gourmet Soda website. You need to read Japanese, though.


I wish I could so I could find out what else this strange company makes. They do make a "Premium Ginger Ale."

One blogger who tried the non-alcoholic kids' beverage a few years ago says it tastes nothing like beer, more like apple cider. Kinda like those toy cigarettes tasted more like peppermint than tobacco, if I remember right.

Some moms I know allow their teens to drink non-alcoholic beer, and I wonder if this is really just as bad as the Japanese "candy" beer marketed to little children. Here's an idea ... my kids hate anything carbonated and bitter, so maybe I should let them drink this fake stuff to scare them away from real beer when they are teens.

If you prohibit your teen from drinking alcohol, would you allow them to drink non-alcoholic beer, or is this a gateway to the real thing?


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