Noah Cyrus' Lingerie for Tweens a Big Hoax

Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves

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I'm happy to report that Hannah Montana's little sister, Noah Cyrus, and her best bud are NOT designing a tween lingerie line as reported across the web recently. Oh, phew, I was really ready to give up all faith in humanity.

According to the Daily Mail, Noah Cyrus, Mylie's pole dancing, mini-skirt wearing sis and the tween's bud Emily Grace Reaves would be teaming up with Ooh! La, La Couture designers to create the "trendy, sweet, yet edgy" Emily Grace Collection just in time for Valentine's Day.

But our friends at Parent Dish talked to the owners of Ooh! La, La Couture and set the record straight. No lingerie.

Here's what the PD article said:



"The main thing we want to clarify is that there is no lingerie, we would never make lingerie," Annie Dugourd, one of the store's founders, said on Thursday. She also pointed out that "Noah Cyrus has nothing to do with the design of this collection," a fact that was confirmed by Cyrus' publicist.

Dugourd said The Emily Grace Collection was "inspired" by 9-year-old actress Emily Grace Reaves. When asked how her company got together with the young star, Dugourd said "her PR agent contacted us."

So there you have it. In case you're curious, here's a sample of the kinds of clothes the boutique makes.

Well, everything in the world seems right again, at least for a few more minutes.
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Would you ever allow your tween girl to wear lingerie to bed?

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