Books Help Obese Girls Lose Weight

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Books are the best. I could whittle away the rest of my days curled up with one. The benefits of starting read to your kids at their littlest go on and on. I just can't run out of good things to say about books.

Here's another one -- books can actually help overweight adolescent girls shed pounds.

A study in the journal Pediatrics tested this out on 81 obese girls.

Some girls were given a book featuring an overweight girl who, through her adventures, improves her self-esteem and learns about nutrition and physical activity.

Other girls were given a book with similar characters that did not address these issues. A third group of girls were not given a book as part of their counseling.


Two months after the intervention, the girls who read the book geared to nutrition and physical activity had reduced their BMI percentile significantly more than the other two groups.

The girls who read the alternate book reduced their BMI percentile more than the group with no book.

See what I mean! Books rule the world. Now I'm guessing it's none to easy to find young adult books with main characters struggling with a weight problem, but hey, I see a new market opportunity here. Maybe another Twilight series ... Even though Edward loves her for who she is, Bella Swan is determined to lose 40 pounds for the sake of her health ...

How much do the characters in books influence your children? Yeah, we know all about Twilight, but any others?

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