Moms of Older Kids, This Will Make You Cry

I don't enjoy making you cry, but I can almost guarantee that this video will. My kids are still little but it made me all mushy and emotional. I even found myself wishing for the potty training and diaper days back. That alone must tell you this is some pretty serious, mom hearstrings stuff.

Katrina Kenison is author of the book/memoir: The Gift of an Ordinary Day. You may have heard of it ... it's a chronicle of her two sons' growing independence from baby to adulthood, and everyone I've spoken to who's read it says it's spot on.


Take a peek at this clip of Kenison reading an excerpt from her book. It's a little long so you may need to skip through, or perhaps your teen is ignoring you, slamming the bedroom door, or out with friends again and you have the time.

Either way, tell me what you think ...

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