Today's Girls Have Become Boys

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An article in Australia's Courier News on the escalating violence among tween and teen girls makes this statement: Todays girls act exactly like boys.

The writer of the piece says that girls today are "such a long way from sugar and spice – a hundred years from ribbons and lace." He wishes "girls could be a little more Cate Blanchett and a little less Sigourney Weaver – a little more taste and little less terror."

Now, whether you think that's good, bad or indifferent, that's a different story. But you can't disagree that he's right. As a generality, girls don't act feminine anymore.


And not just because of the fighting. Swearing is not feminine, and all I need to do is go to our local pizza place aka teen hangout to discover that  girls swear as much and use just as vulgar terms, as boys. Getting drunk and vomitting all over yourself is not feminine.
Convincing a boy to come into your bed because you're bored is not feminine. I don't like when boys do any of this stuff, either. My ideal man is Jimmy Stewart, so there you go.

This whole issue of gender roles and behaviors facinates me. Inevitably, someone always tries to bring up the issue of women's rights or sexual preferences. And in my view, girls acting feminine has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of those issues.

Call me old fashioned, but I want my daughter to be, well, a girl. That does not mean I want her to be meek and unequal. It just means I want her to use manners, not swear, not punch or hit, and not be promiscuous. I could care less if she does soccer or ballet, or prefers baseball shirts to frilly dresses. But I want her to know she's not being "a weak inferior female" for expecting her boyfriend to open the car door, nor that she's being prudish when she slams it on his hand for making an inappropriate move.

Okay so what I'm really saying is that I want her to grow up just like Laura Ingalls Wilder ... or even better! Jane Austen. Realistic? No, of course not, but I refuse to give in. I'm pulling out my "Anne of Green Gables" and "Little House" videos right now.

Does your daughter act more like a girl or a boy? Are you okay with that or do you believe young women should act with more propriety and femininity?

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