Teens Are Depressed Now More Than Ever


Photo by Shinde-Kudasai

I look back on my teenage years and the terms "awkward," "peer pressure," "naive," and "self-realization" come to mind, but "depressing"...no.

So it's kind of sad to learn that teens are more depressed now more than ever before.


Parent Dish has an article on a recent study stating that kids have a much higher rate of several mental health issues, including clinical depression and "hypomania," a measure of anxiety and unrealistic optimism.

What I don't understand is why now? As teens, we read issues of Cosmo that said skinnier is better and had those parents who pushed their kids to the extreme. We juggled jobs and school, dealt with peer pressure, and bit our nails as we waited for those university acceptance letters. So why are today's teens so bummed out?

Why do you think so many more teens are depressed in today's world? Do you think it's the parents, society, or a mix of both?

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