Driving Tests, Borrowing the Car -- Life With 3 Teens

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Each Thursday she shares the week's drama or joy.

The Things I Do for These Kids

Everyone is back at school ...

Ryan's car is back in the garage for repairs, so he borrowed my car to take to college. So now I have no car during the day and I'm stuck in the house till my husband comes home. Ryan's car should be ready by the end of the week and I should have my car back this weekend, which means he will drive it back here this weekend and I will have to drive him back. That will be a 3 1/2 hour road trip.


Trying to Gain Weight

Zack is very busy with track, weightlifting, and his new girlfriend. He's been drinking a protein drink each morning to help with gain weight (I wish that was my problem). He's having a hard time swallowing it, though, because he says it tastes disgusting. He's also been bugging me about driver's education. It costs $350 per session and I don't have the extra money this month. 

Driving, YIKES!

It's Andrea's time to shine. Indoor soccer starts next week. She is excited!  After school her dad is taking her for her driver's permit test. I talked with her this morning and she says she's anxious, not nervous. She just wants to get there and get it done.

We met with the school counselor this week and have good news!  Andrea is on track to graduate in 2011. It has been a real struggle for her and for us. I am so proud of her,  she is a very strong young lady. It must be discouraging to have a hard time with school when your siblings excel at it.

Have you ever put yourself out so your teen's life could be made easier, either by loaning your car or other inconveniences?


How would you react if your 15 year old announced he was dating a 19 year old?


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