Underage Drinking at Home? Sorry, It's Just Not Okay

pilsner beer close up

When I was a kid, my dad would let me take a slug or two from his cold beer on a hot day. Never more than a little, though. I felt so grown up and special and ... sick! It was disgusting! I hated the taste, but never told Dad. Or my brother. That would not have been cool.

A lot of parents I know allow these harmless samplings, many with the hope that their children's immature taste buds will revolt and discourage them from taking to the stuff till at least age 21. It certainly worked for me. Just never developed a taste for the stuff.

I was reading on Babble.com about the mom who took underage drinking a little too far.

She didn't just allow a sip, she poured drinks. Not just for her middle school daughter, but a whole party of her friends. She handed the drinks out, even comforted the kids as they vomitted later. Aw, how sweet.


Surprise, suprise she got arrested.

Okay, so I know you wouldn't do anything like that, but how often do you break the rules and let your tween or teen sneak a sip of a cocktail or beer?

My husband and I argue about this all the time. He's of the mind that it's better not to prohibit underage drinking because they are going to do it anyway, so it's way better to allow it at home where we can keep an eye on things. I do see his point, but NO WAY. That's breaking the law.

Do you believe that kids shouldn't have any alcohol whatsoever until they turn 21 or do you bend the rules and permit underage drinking when you're around?


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