Dating Older Women -- Life With 3 Teens

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It's hard enough raising one teen -- but three?! Welcome to RAZmom88's wild and wonderful life. Each Thursday she shares the week's drama or joy.

My Marijuana Reaction

My three teens, 18, 18 and 15, chose to spend New Year's Eve at our church's all-nighter. My older son and daughter had a choice of the church, to stay home, or go to a concert. Zack, who I learned had recently smoked pot while visiting his older brother at college, only had the choice of church or home.


I simply expressed my fear of them being on the highway that far from home on the busiest party night of the year. They all slept most of New Year's Day, then when they got up they ran out and bought snacks and watched football.

The high schoolers are back at class, but the college kids don't head back till the weekend. I am very excited to for them to go. I want my house back and our family schedule back in place. I am just very tired.

Now, in regard to your responses last week to my son smoking pot ...

I am very proud of my sons and the relationship I have with them. I feel that because I am very laid back and they know I love them unconditionally they feel they can talk openly with me. But when I do lay down the law, they know I am serious and I am doing so because I want them to be the best men they can be ... and I want them safe. 

Ryan and Zack will always be able to hang out with each other. They have spent the last two weeks going to movies, the mall and restaurants. Right now they are at a high school basketball game. It's just that right now I don't think they are ready to spend the night on campus together. They both seem to have a problem with peer pressure, which is common with teenagers. Ryan is a show-off; Zack doesn't like being the baby.

We have never had an issue of the teens drinking at the church, but have had issues with them while hanging out with some of the teens in the youth group. I do not think that they are going to be perfect because of the church. They still have choice.

My Son and the Older Woman

Recently, a young lady from the youth group came to our home to see Zack. She seemed very nice. A group of the kids from the youth group were hanging out at one of the families' homes, playing pool and hot tubing. I knew Zack really liked her. What 15 year old boy wouldn't?  I found out a few days later that this young lady was 19 and had graduated from high school last year ... so Zack had kissed a woman.

His father had explained to him that he could not hang out with her, that the age difference was too great. She's an adult, he's not. Zack understood, and now he has a girlfriend his own age. We haven't met her yet, but I am attempting to get Zack to invite her for dinner this week.  


How would you react if your 15 year old announced he was dating a 19 year old?


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