Tween Boys and Boobs (Their Own!)

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Ah, puberty. With my 6 year old, I'm still dealing with the pretty basic bodily issues like the importance of hand washing (yes, still), why you need to use a tissue instead of a finger, and teeth brushing technique.

By the way, my son has only lost two of his baby teeth so far, so do you think that means I can count on stuff like raging hormones, facial hair, and pubertal gynecomastia being delayed for a few extra years? That's right -- pubertal gynecomastia. I never heard of it either. Had to look it up.


It means when boys grow breasts during puberty. Moms were talking about it in Tween Titans. Apparently, this is normal during puberty. The same hormones that trigger secondary sex characteristics like a deeper voice, pubic hair and genital growth also go to work on the breasts and sort of inflate them a little bit. It's temporary -- but can last a few years, yikes!

Still, it's awkward -- for boys and for mom. One CafeMom is going through this very issue right now with her 11 year old, who came home and pointed out a lump under one of his nipples.

I guess it's not so much an issue in the winter when we're all wearing sweaters, but the summer can be tricky. Good thing those rash guard shirts are so popular these days. That's one option for when you're at the beach. Speaking of which, it's just soooo cold. How many days till summer?

Did you tween boy develop enlarged breasts during puberty? Was he self-conscious about it? Did he try to hide the fact?

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