Firefighters Have To Help 18-Year-Old Stuck in Washing Machine After She Tried To 'Escape' Cousins


kid gets stuck in washer

These kids aren't just driving us crazy -- they are also driving each other crazy. That's especially true for little ones who are constantly nagging older siblings and cousins. Older kids will do anything at this point to get some peace, which is what drove Amari, an 18-year-old Virginia high school senior, to hide in the washing machine.

Luckily for those of us who need a laugh, her aunt Suni captured the whole thing.  

  • The aunt and her niece are staying with younger cousins and, according to Suni, Amari cooked up a plan. 

    "Amari decided to kinda do a deal breaker with our younger cousins, and it was if she plays hide-n-seek they have to leave her alone," Suni tells CafeMom. "Well, she ran out of hiding spots and she heard someone coming. My other cousin took the dryer already, so she decided to use the washer and she hurried to stuff herself in."

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  • Only when she was found, she was in a less than ideal position. 


    "Once my cousin was found in dryer, she was as trying to get out of the washer machine and noticed she was stuck," Suni says. "She tried to get out before notifying any adults but couldn’t get out, so they told my aunt what happened and she called the fire department."

  • By this point, Amari was physically OK but very embarrassed. According to Suni, the firefighters were pretty amused by the whole thing. 

    stuck in the washer

    "The fire department [personnel] you can see in my videos were kind of chuckling and asked her what she was doing," Suni says. "She said 'Playing hide and seek' and the guy stated: 'Well, did you win?'” 

    I mean, you have to admit, it is pretty hysterical.

  • Apparently others thought so too. Suni posted the whole thing on instagram, and over 6,000 people liked it with over 700 comments. 

    "I am sorry but I laughed out loud when I read this," wrote one user. "So glad you are ok, but I did have a laugh at your expense (...sorry). PS I have been in my house since March 19th...craving whatever entertainment and laughter I can get!"

  • Firefighters were able to successfully get her out of the washer unharmed. 

    Although Amari is totally fine, her ego is bruised a bit. 

    All in all, we're glad that Suni shared this gem with us. Hopefully Amari can get some peace from her littlest family members soon.