A Florida Teen Does the 'Impossible' After a Devastating Injury

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Inside Edition

When our kids first arrive in the world relatively unscathed, a lot of parents breathe a sigh of relief. For nine months parents get anxious over the limitless health issues their children could have, and if they arrive with all 10 fingers and toes and no discernable disabilities, it is nothing short of a miracle. As they pass each challenging milestone, we get more and more confident in their ability to thrive. By the time they hit their teen years, we worry less about the sniffles and colds and move on to bigger stressors such as driving cars and peer pressure. But we rarely assume the worst can still happen -- until it does. 

For Florida teen Chase Lalonde, the unthinkable happened while he was playing lacrosse. The 16-year-old was captain of his high school team and was severely injured when he was struck in the back. Many of his own teammates didn't even realize how serious his injuries were until they got word he needed spinal surgery. Following the procedure, Lalonde was left paralyzed from the chest down. 


In spite of that hardship, with the support of his family, friends, doctors, and community, Lalonde did the unthinkable. Check out his heartwarming story of triumph in the Inside Edition video below. 

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