From Homeless to Higher Education: One Teen's Incredible Journey

Mother and son
Inside Edition

Although many kids are concerned with playing sports or engrossing themselves in social media, there are teens out there who don't have that luxury. Because of poverty, hundreds of kids must concern themselves with where they will be able to sleep or when they'll get to eat. For a long time, that was Dylan Chidick's reality, but that doesn't mean he ever let his circumstances get in the way. 

And in fact, they aren't in his way at all. The teen's future is looking extremely bright thanks to a ton of hard work and perseverance. Though no one in his family had ever pursued higher education, Chidick was accepted into no fewer than 18 colleges. 


Khadine Phillip, Chidick's mother, couldn't be more proud -- or more thankful. "I don't know what heaven feels like, but I think it might be just that," she told CBS's Inside Edition.

The story only gets sweeter from there -- check out the video to learn all about Chidick's incredible journey. 

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