This Mom Made Her 'Entitled' Son Shop at Goodwill as Punishment & Sparked a Major Debate

Mom makes entitled son shop at goodwill
Cierra Brittany Forney/Facebook

Many kids, especially those who are fortunate enough to come from families who are consistently able to afford nice, expensive things for them, often have a difficult time recognizing their good fortune. This unchecked lack of gratefulness can often lead to things like bullying and a major sense entitlement. After noticing that her son was losing his humility when it came to things like clothes, one mom decided to take him on a shopping trip to Goodwill, and people are dragging her for it. 

  • "So lately, my 13-year-old son [has] been acting a little ... entitled," wrote mom Cierra Forney on Facebook.

    According to the mom, his main problems stem from his expensive clothes. She and her husband have been able to deck him out in name-brand gear, but he's had trouble understanding that others aren't so lucky. According to Forney, the 13-year-old was "acting like he's too good to shop at Wal-Mart or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at the Goodwill and quite a few other things." 

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  • Hoping to teach her kid a lesson, the mom thought up a pretty unique punishment.

    She made him use $20 of his own money, took him to a Goodwill store, and made him pick out the outfits he would be wearing to school every day the coming week. 

    Of course, the 13-year-old was far from happy about his unique punishment. Forney says he even "shed a few tears." Still, the mom considers her experiment a good one. "I firmly believe in 15 years he will look back and laugh at the day his mom made him shop at Goodwill," she wrote. 

    Forney says that she wants to teach her kids that money isn't everything "and if you have to degrade other people because of where they shop, then you too will shop there."

  • Forney believes that she's taught her son a very valuable lesson, but many people don't agree with her.

    making kid shop at goodwill facebook comment

    A lot of people left comments on her viral Facebook post talking about how "gross" it was for her to post about her son's punishment publicly on social media

  • Other's weren't impressed that she used Goodwill as a way to punish her son.

    making kid shop at goodwill facebook comment

    "I can imagine how children who have to shop at Goodwill and thrift stores all the time will feel seeing this," one person wrote. 

  • But there were also plenty of parents who thought Forney did a great job.

    making kid shop at goodwill facebook comment

    "These kids have a whole lot more to be concerned about [than] where they get their clothes and who's wearing what," said one mom

  • And many seem to think the 13-year-old's shopping experience will make him think twice before making fun of other kids.

    making kid shop at goodwill facebook comment

    In a second Facebook post she made after her first one went viral, Cierra Forney called criticism of her decision to post her son's punishment "just awful." She also explained that she carried out the punishment the way she did to "help her son become a better man." And according to her, it totally worked.

    "My son has learned a valuable lesson from this," she wrote. "And my son is rockin' his button up shirt he bought from Goodwill with pride today!" 

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