5 Ways to Empower the Strength in Our Daughters

Our girls possess the strength to move mountains, and our jobs as parents is to show them what they can do, help them build confidence, and then watch them fly.


Girls go through so many tricky transitions while they’re growing up, and they need supportive adults cheering them on through every step of the way. Let your daughter know you think she’s strong whenever you can, and look for ways to make her feel powerful not just physically but mentally and emotionally, too.

Encourage her physical pursuits
Celebrate her physical strength by encouraging your daughter’s interest in sports, fitness, and other physical activities. Remind her that physical strength she builds now can serve her whole life, and she doesn’t necessarily have to be competitive to be strong.

Dance, yoga, rock climbing, skating, biking, soccer, tennis, volleyball, track—whatever gets your girl’s heart rate going, Athleta Girl has the perfect gear to keep her comfortable so she can play all day. The Printed Upbeat Bra provides the perfect supportive base layer and full co verage layered under tanks, like the sporty Graphic Mesh Chi Rules Tank and its inspiring message.

Practice healthy habits every day
If our girls grow up eating fruits and veggies, drinking water instead of sugary drinks, and getting lots of exercise and playtime outside, they’re more likely to keep up with healthy habits as they grow up. Parents can help by setting a good example, and looking for ways to make family time active and fun.

With athletic gear from Athleta Girl, your daughter will be ready to play at a moment’s notice. Athleisure pieces like the Chit Chat Tight 2.0 are perfect for squeezing in a playground session before the sun goes down, or organizing an impromptu basketball game before dinner. Layer on the cozy Tracker Top to keep the chill away and keep girls outside just a little longer.

Recognize her emotional labor
Think of the strongest women you know—we admire their accomplishments, of course, but also how much they care for and take care of others. Being a good friend, and empathetic person, someone who looks out for the younger kids: These are traits we want our daughters to have, but we sometimes forget to see and praise.

Compliments like, “I liked how you comforted Caroline when she was crying,” and “It was very kind of you to include Eliza’s little sister in the game,” can show your daughter that emotional awareness is a strength like any other.

Let her see you make mistakes, and fix them
Part of being strong is admitting when you mess up. If you screw something up kind of minor (you get a parking ticket, maybe, or you don’t follow through on something), don’t hide it from your kids. As age-appropriate, of course, explain to them not only that you made a mistake, but what you did to admit it and make things right.

Look for opportunities to praise the same kind of honesty and resilience in your kids, so they know that everyone makes mistakes but it’s what you do next that matters most.

Praise her efforts and attitude
Some days your daughter will feel like a super hero. Other days it seems like nothing will go right. Cheer her on during these setbacks and remind her part of being strong is sticking with it and trying again. Over time, she’ll build the confidence that comes from knowing win or lose, she gave it her best shot.

Inner strength always comes from within. But we’ll take an extra boost of confidence anywhere we can get one. The Sport It Tee encourages your girl to be Bold, Brilliant, Brave, and Kind—and it could brighten up a tough day.

Celebrate your daughter’s physical and emotional strength, and she’ll grow up confident in herself and eager to make her life an adventure.

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