Where to Find The Most Stylish & Fun Takes on Classic School Supplies

Where to Find The Most Stylish & Fun Takes on Classic School Supplies

Back to school shopping is a chance for kids to show their personal style, and eBay is the perfect place to find unique items that reflect their individuality. You’ll find great deals and speedy shipping, but the best part is the huge selection. It’s easy to find something for every personality, including hard-to-find colors and patterns no one else will have.

Check out our picks for colorful, stylish, brand-new gear, and don’t forget to visit eBay’s Back to School headquarters for much, much more. You’ll find easy-to-browse categories packed with colorful school supplies, stylish clothes, must-have technology, and everything else your family needs. Everyone’s covered in one place, from preschoolers to teens and even college kids looking for the perfect items to personalize their dorms.

  • Stylish hoodies and sweatshirts for boys


    When summer turns to fall, every boy needs a cozy sweatshirt in his locker. eBay’s selection of boys’ hoodies and sweatshirts will keep off the chill while letting his personal style shine through. eBay makes it easy to narrow the choices by size, style, and color to find something that fits his unique personality as well as it fits his growing frame.

  • Laptops for every student


    Lightweight, colorful, and rugged laptops are a great way to unlock your kids’ creativity, and eBay has tons of great choices for curious minds of all ages. The huge selection of laptops under $399 is perfect for back to school, including high-tech touchscreen laptops, ultralight Chromebooks, and convertible laptops where the screen pops off to become a tablet. Some are discontinued models from a year or two ago, but they’re still new-in-box and discounted to unbelievable prices—and eBay has the best selection from top manufacturers like HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung, Google, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, and more.

  • Uniforms made unique


    Everyone at school probably gets their uniforms at the same place, but when you shop at eBay’s uniform store, your little trendsetter can find special items that make them excited to get dressed in the morning. Maybe it’s a crisp white shirt with a cute collar or trendy cut, a blazer with sparkly buttons, or a cozy cardigan that’s sure to become a staple. eBay’s prices on brands like Cat & Jack and French Toast let you stock up so your kids have more to mix and match, and everyone will want to know where you found it!

  • Backpacks for big and little shoulders


    If eBay’s back-to-school backpack store was housed in an actual building, you’d have to take a break in the middle to rest and eat Swedish meatballs. Well over 1,000 choices means every kid can find the perfect bag to make a statement. Little kids can choose from dozens of popular characters, and you can filter the choices to quickly find their favorites. And high-fashion choices from Pottery Barn Teen, Nike, and JanSport let teens and tweens express their personal style without breaking the bank.

  • Cozy, colorful sweatshirts and hoodies for girls


    Putting on the perfect sweatshirt is like sliding into a hug you can wear, and eBay’s hoodies and sweatshirts for girls is full of brand-new and pre-loved items in every color of the rainbow. (You may even find one with rainbow sleeves and a unicorn horn on the hood, colorful enough to make any old Monday feel magic.) It’s easy to filter by size, style, brand, and yes, color, to find her new favorite, or a different new favorite for every day of the week.

  • Tech accessories for kids, not robots


    That basic-black mouse and boring laptop bag you brought home from a convention might be good enough for you, but not your colorful, stylish, creative, quirky kid. eBay has you covered with fun and funky tech accessories such as mice, cables, and laptop cases and sleeves in bright colors and trendy patterns. Our advice is to get phone-charging cables in a different color for each kid, to make fights over whose is whose, well, obsolete.

  • School supplies that are easy on the eyes


    eBay has every supply on all of your kids’ lists, which should save at least one summer afternoon of back to school shopping all over town. The collection of brand-new school supplies is easy to filter by category, and you’ll find fun colors and patterns that your kids will love. The right supplies can encourage good habits, too—a pencil case helps students avoid losing so many pens and highlighters, and an academic planner that looks good is more likely to be faithfully used.

  • Musical instruments for beginners


    Learning to play a musical instrument is amazing for a child’s development, and the beginner instruments on eBay let your kids dip their toes into the world of music without requiring huge financial investment from you. All the classics from the school band and orchestra are here, and many instruments come bundled with everything you need, like a case to keep it safe and a tuner to help develop a sense of pitch. You can even find instruments in cool colors, like a pink clarinet or purple sax!

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