Score Back-to-School Gear on eBay and Send Them Back to School Like No One Else

Your kid is an individual, and that’s one of the things you’re the most proud of. Of course, that individuality can be a double-edged sword when it’s time for back-to-school shopping. When the same old school supplies and boring backpacks just won’t cut it, you don’t need to waste a summer day driving all over town. eBay’s huge selection has everything you’re looking for, complete with unique finds that no one else in the class will have.


Wait, eBay, really? Absolutely—you’d be surprised at how much of your list you can cross off on eBay, and we’re talking brand-new products perfect for back to school, from backpacks and school supplies, to laptops and tech accessories. Plus, you can save big on new and pre-owned sweatshirts for boys and girls, uniforms, and even musical instruments. With such a huge selection, you can find the perfect gear for every kid’s individual tastes.

The shopping experience on eBay is more convenient than you may remember, too. The filtering options for boys’ hoodies, for example, let you look for just new items, only sellers who accept returns, even items that ship for free. The same goes for girls’ sweatshirts of course, and eBay has all the top brands, like Gap Kids, Disney, and Under Armour.

Technology with an expressive twist
eBay’s selection of laptops under $399 includes a lot of killer deals on Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and even a few older Macs. Kids can be tough on their technology, so having an affordable laptop will keep them from using yours, while teaching them to be responsible for their own things, and helping them get their homework done too.

Once your little student picks a laptop in a cool color, eBay has hundreds of tech accessories to really express her creativity. A laptop decal adds a touch of whimsy, a wireless mouse in purple is just more fun, thumb drives and styluses have never been cuter, and a laptop sleeve can add protection as well as a pop of color.

Uniforms and backpacks with style
eBay’s uniform shop
has so many deals on top names like Cat & Jack, French Toast, and Old Navy that you’ll be able to stock up and give your kids more options to mix and match. Look for little details like a shirt with an adorable Peter Pan collar, sparkly rhinestones on a blazer, or shorts with an adjustable waistband for comfort. Who says uniforms have to be boring?

When it’s time to pick out a new backpack, eBay has dozens more choices than even the biggest big-box stores. Plus, you can sort by collection to find their favorite characters, rather than digging through an ankle-deep pile of bags that have fallen off the hooks.

If your kids are too old for character backpacks, eBay has a huge selection of sturdy and practical backpacks from JanSport, Kipling, and Nike in all the trendy colors and patterns.

Marching to their own beat
Playing a musical instrument can be the ultimate expression of a child’s creativity, and eBay has you covered here too. Its must-haves for music class include all the popular instruments for band and orchestra at affordable prices, and bundled with everything you need from cases to tuners. (And if your son or daughter doesn’t stick with it all the way to Carnegie Hall, you know where you can unload the used instrument later…)

Even the instrument itself can be an expression of individuality. Does anyone else in the school orchestra have a bright pink clarinet, a sleek black tenor sax, or a cool blue viola? Your kids can!

You made your kids unique—they’re like nobody else. eBay’s unique back-to-school gear lets you shop for them like nobody else.

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