No More Boring Back-to-School Shopping: 6 Essentials That Let Kids’ Personalities Shine Through


Summer is all about fun, and so back-to-school shopping can feel like a bucket of cold water to the face. Don’t schlep through a big-box store filling your cart with the same-old supplies every other kid will have.


When you shop at eBay, you can score great deals on essential items for every student in the family, but better yet, you’ll find special styles and colors that stand out from the crowd and make your kids feel special, too.

Find the perfect backpack
The right backpack holds everything together—yes, literally, and also just as an expression of your kid’s personality that she’ll carry with her every day. At the eBay backpack store, your kids can filter the hundreds of choices by brand, and then dig in even deeper by color or material, to find a special bag with, say, metallic finish, leather trim, or an eye-catching pattern. Don’t be afraid to get a little wild, either, with an animal-print JanSport or a Wonder Woman bag for warriors of any age.

Special school supplies in a signature color
There’s nothing like fresh school supplies, and eBay has everything from the basics to adorable extras like erasers from Japan shaped like tiny puppies and teddy bears. Have your kid pick a signature color (or two) and then have fun browsing eBay for pens, notebooks, and highlighters in that color. It’ll keep items from getting mixed up with siblings’ and friends’ stuff, too.

Stay organized in style
The right school supplies can encourage good habits, but only if they’re good looking enough that your kids want to use them every day. Take your time finding the perfect pencil case, and it’s more likely it’ll stay close by, keeping all those special pens and pencils from getting lost. And a day planner or student organizer they love to look at is one they’ll actually use.

Get creative with art supplies
Art supplies encourage creativity and can help with learning too. If your kid is more of a visual learner, a set of fresh markers or colored pencils could encourage him to sketch diagrams and mind-maps to better absorb material. Of course, kids can also use art supplies to put their personal decorative stamp on notebooks, folders, binders, and everything else.

Find tech accessories for every personality
eBay is stocked with essential tech accessories your kid needs, like a wireless mouse, a protective laptop sleeve, extra cables for charging a smartphone, and a thumb drive to keep important schoolwork backed up. The back-to-school shop has all of these in bright, kid-friendly colors that add a little extra whimsy and keep those creative juices flowing.

Personalize your computer and workspace
Technology can also be a fashion statement, and eBay has laptop decals and skins that will let your kids personalize their computers and tablets so they don’t look like anyone else’s. You can also encourage good study habits by letting your kids set up a special workstation at home, with a bigger display, a colorful mousepad, and some flexible LED lighting. And for a really personal touch, try a smartphone photo printer that wirelessly connects to a phone or tablet. Your kids will love to decorate their space with photos they took themselves of their favorite friends and family.

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