Daughter Shares Powerful Letter to Mom Who 'Drugged' Her

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When someone says her parent "drugged" her, you probably think that Child Protective Services would get involved and charges would be filled. But in this case, quite the opposite is true. One young woman is expressing only gratitude to the woman who helped her access the medication she needed to manage ADHD -- and thus enabled her to reach her fullest potential.


Jessica McCabe, founder of the YouTube channel and Facebook page How to ADHD, shared her extremely compelling case for listening to your kids and not dismissing their struggles.

The young woman's Facebook post, in which she thanks for her mom for having the courage to stand up to her dad and to people who judged her, is going viral because we so seldom get to hear this perspective. She began her post: 

"What I want to say to my mom, who 'drugged' me:

Thank you. Thank you for listening when I told you I was struggling. Thank you for standing up for me when my dad tried to dismiss what I was dealing with as 'normal.' I now understand ADHD is highly genetic and it's likely he felt that way because he had ADHD himself."

It's wonderful that this young woman can appreciate the difficult choice her mom had to make and advocated for her when it seemed like everyone else was against the idea. 

Around 6.4 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, according to Healthline. But medicating them for the disorder, which is marked by an inability to focus, is still considered controversial, partly because symptoms exist on a wide spectrum but also because many are simply uncomfortable with the idea of putting children on medication. Currently, one in five American children who have been diagnosed with ADHD is not receiving medicine or counseling for his or her disorder.

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She continued:

"Thank you for taking me to get a proper evaluation so I understand my brain's differences and don't feel like it's just all my fault. Thank you for taking me to a psychiatrist, month after month, to get a new prescription. I know you were busy, and yet I never ran out of medication because you took the time to take me to every appointment.

Thank you for ignoring the people who judged you. I know there were many."

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Wow, parents so often wonder if their children recognize or understand the sacrifices they make to help them be the best they can be. This mom must feel incredibly glad that she listened to her daughter -- and proud that she raised her to be so thoughtful and articulate. Because of this mom's decision, her daughter's life is so much richer. McCabe writes:
"Because of you, I got the treatment I needed, I did better in school, I felt more confident and able to reach my potential. Because of you, I never had to self medicate like so many ADHDers I know. I never sank into depression. I never gave up on myself. I never felt misunderstood. You understood. You believed me. And when you did, when you took me to a doctor who could explain to me what was happening in my brain, you took away so much shame."

No parent ever wants a child to struggle, to endure shame or self-doubt, or to feel that she can't measure up to her peers. Jessica knows her mom may have been judged for her choices, but the young woman is beyond grateful that her parent had the courage and strength to follow through when she needed her most. 

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On her YouTube channel, McCabe writes alongside the video below: "Whether (or how) to treat a child with ADHD is an understandably tough decision for many parents. My mom decided to, and faced (as many parents do) judgement for her choices to medicate myself and my brother. Here's what I want to say to her, and every parent who finds themselves accused of 'drugging' their children."

Watching this bright and articulate woman explain her situation makes you so glad her mom listened to her.

Her story has also given hope to many other parents in the same situation.


Of course, others cautioned that medication alone isn't always the answer.

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all fix when it comes to treating ADHD, but this post is an excellent reminder to always listen to your child, follow your maternal instinct, and block out the noise from those who aren't walking in your shoes. Being an advocate for your children, no matter what age or diagnosis they're facing, is something they deserve. And, who knows, someday they may just thank you for it.

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