Kids' Reactions to Unicorn Frappuccinos Are Priceless


If your kids have ever begged for a grande beverage of their very own when you're making a coffee run, the little guys and gals are in luck -- sort of. Seattle-based java giant Starbucks introduced its latest offering: the Unicorn Frappuccino. But based on the expressions of some tiny taste testers, it's anything but magical.


Trying to capture the essence of a mythical creature in a plastic cup is a lofty goal, and Starbucks is halfway there in that this is undoubtedly one of the prettiest concoctions we've seen since Carrie Bradshaw brought us the Cosmopolitan.

While it looks like the type of drink kids (and My Little Pony) have been dreaming of, these children's priceless puckers make us think this unicorn will be extinct sooner rather than later. 

Take a look as kids give the unicorn a whirl.

So, what's the problem? (Other than the price tag -- you'll cough up over $4 for this -- and the calorie intake, which comes in at around 410 calories for one made with whole milk and topped with whipped cream.) It seems that taste is definitely an issue. According to Starbucks, "magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour." Hmm. That sounds complicated.

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This little fella might need to wash his mouth out with more than unicorn juice. Take a listen:

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It's not just little kids who don't like it. Teens seem to loathe it too.

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Here are some mixed reviews. 

Not a fan.

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This face is everything.

When you so want to love something but just can't. Like, really can't.

When reality doesn't match your expectations:

The many faces of the #unicornfrappuccino #starbucks #kidsofinstagram #maddiegrace #detroit

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Fans of sour and sweet swirled into one drink may fall head over heels (or is it hooves?) for this, but I'm going to take it from these critics and skip this trendy treat.

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