Mom's Sweet Gift Mortifies Teen Because Parents Are So Embarrassing

Teen snapchat birthday filter

If you're the parent of a tween or teen, you've probably already realized that your mere presence on the same planet as your child is a constant source of embarrassment. So whether you're doing something "outlandish" like cheering on from the sidelines at one their games (imagine?!) or thoughtful like offering to pack their lunch, they're never going to fully appreciate you. One mom learned this the hard way when she created a cute Snapchat filter for her daughter's 17th birthday -- but rather than feeling special, the teen was mortified.


Like most teens, Jenna Fluegeman was probably hoping to receive birthday shout-outs from her nearest and dearest. But when her clever mom created a custom Snapchat filter, Jenna was basically outed as the "birthday girl" to her entire school, which the teen found humiliating. Of course, ironically, by sharing the whole episode on Twitter, Jenna's birthday is now being discussed by the entire world rather than just her classmates. (Cue the snickering of moms everywhere.)

Here's how it happened. Jenna tweeted a photo of the filter, which she captioned: "My mom does the absolute most." (Watch yourself, child!)  

Jenna Fuege Snapchat filter mom
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In her photo, the teen -- whom some called out for being a tad, um, ungrateful -- included a screenshot of the text conversation she and her mom had regarding this "gift." Jenna's mom wrote, "I made a custom birthday Snapchat filter at your school today from 9-2 but I never got an email saying it went live. Do you see it?" to which Jenna replied, "Why would you do that?"

(What's that sound, Jenna? Oh, nothing, just your mom's heart breaking. Sigh.)

In Jenna's defense -- oh, Mom, what were you thinking? Don't you know that simply by walking and breathing you're embarrassing your child? You had to know she wasn't going to love that everyone knew it was her special day. Or, worse, what if people thought that she added it herself like the ultimate birthday narcissist?

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Now, to take Mom's side for a moment. First, major props for being on Snapchat and knowing how to create a custom filter. Second, it's a super-sweet and thoughtful gesture that sprung from the very best intentions. Third, once you've gone through nine months of random aches and pains that couldn't be lessened by taking pleasure in white wine and soft cheeses, followed by labor and delivery, you should be able to do whatever the heck you want on the day that commemorates when you gave life to that child! Fourth, if Jenna is old enough to drive, she's old enough to handle this with grace. 

And it sounds like she ending up doing just that -- after taking a moment. Jenna shared her thoughts after people responded to her initial tweet stating that they wish they had a mom like hers. (Aww!) 

Jenna Fuege Snapchat filter mom

Jenna's wise in that she knows she can't win vs. the Internet. If something positive came out of this whole birthday business, it's that the teen's attitude toward her mom inspired others to reach out and thank their own moms for all they do without ever getting any credit.

Birthday Snapchat filter response
Let's hope we all remember that while moms might embarrass us from time to time, they're always deserving of our love and respect -- no matter what day it is.

teen gets birthday snapchat filter

Looks like Jenna actually got a pretty important life lesson for her birthday: Don't mess with Mom, 'cause the Internet has her back. 

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