12-Year-Old Says She Was Suspended for Selling These 'Sex Toys' at School


You remember water wigglies, right? They're soft plastic tubes filled with colored water and sometimes glitter or little fake boats and fish. When most of us were kids, we'd buy them at school book fairs and squish them endlessly in class. Some places call these old-school toys water snakes, or even water snake wigglies, but one Illinois dad is livid after he says his daughter was suspended from school because her principal thought her innocent collection of water wigglies was actually a bunch of sex toys.


Milt Habeck tells WISN 12 News his daughter, Frances, got permission from her teacher to sell water wigglies to her classmates at Trinity Lutheran School so she could raise money for a church fund-raiser. Everything was going as planned for the entrepreneurial 12-year-old until last month when the school's principal allegedly confronted her at a basketball game and accused her of selling sex toys to other kids.

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"I thought, 'Wait, what's this word I've never heard? Is it something I shouldn't know?'" Frances told WISN 12 News of the awkward confrontation. "When I found out what it was, I thought, 'Oh wow! I shouldn't have really learned this, that word that came out of her mouth.' It just, whoa, yeah."

Wow, so this kid didn't even know what a sex toy was until she was accused of selling one? Smooth move there, principal.

Frances was undoubtedly humiliated and says she also ended up being suspended for three days. Now, her dad is speaking out about the ridiculous mix-up, but administrators say his claims are totally bogus and Francine got in trouble simply because she was selling toys at school.

In a statement provided to WISN 12 News, Reverend David Gehne wrote, "Several primary assertions against the school are inaccurate. It was asserted that a student was suspended for specifically selling something alleged to be a sex toy .... We have never asserted that a 'water snake' toy is a sex toy."

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Obviously, we weren't there when Frances got called out, so it's impossible to know exactly how this whole "sex toy" debacle started. Still, the question remains, if the principal never said anything about sex toys, who did? I doubt this sweet 12-year-old kid masterminded an elaborate viral "fake sex toy" plot, but I guess you never know. Stranger things -- like anyone mistaking this super common children's toy for some creepy sex thing -- have apparently happened.

Either way, we hope school officials and this dad are able to find some sort of resolution, because Frances' humiliation and subsequent suspension is no joke. This kid was trying to do a good thing and raise money for her church. Surely, we can all agree the tween years are hard enough without having to contend with rumors that you're an underground sex toy saleswoman.

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