Teens Find New Way to Drive Parents Crazy With the 'Hell Challenge'


As if it weren't already exhausting parenting tweens and teens, it looks like prank-loving youngsters have a new gag that's sweeping the Internet, and it's pretty amusing -- so long as you're not the victim. As part of the #HellChallenge, kids ask their parents if "hell" is a bad word, and then proceed to keep using the word in follow-up questions. Sometimes hilarity ensues, and in other cases, sheer outrage. Take a look at how these unsuspecting parents were played by their kids.


Kids are always trying to push the envelope and get a rise out of mom and dad. This challenge is definitely one way to do that!

Watch this 'til the end!

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Even grandparents aren't immune from the trickery. One feisty grandparent is having none of this challenge:

hell challenge

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Can't fool this dad! It pays to stay up on the trends:

hell challenge

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This poor mom is so irked by it, her son is lucky she didn't drive off the road:

�� I just got my mom #hellchallenge

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This poor mom just wants to watch her show!

Our kids will stop at nothing to have a little entertainment and push those parental buttons. There are certainly worse challenges out there, and if you're going to prank your parents, there are more disturbing ways to do it. So all in all, this is fairly harmless. 

It's definitely fun to watch, and parents, consider yourselves warned!

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