35 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas Even Teens & Tweens Will Love

35 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas Even Teens & Tweens Will Love
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pink donut pool float

Hippity, hoppity, it's that time of year when the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail to leave all sorts of fun things in the baskets of kids everywhere. But what about when the little bunnies aren't so little anymore? Many teens and tweens still want to wake up and find their baskets filled with goodies, but surprising and delighting them often isn't quite as easy as it was when they were younger. It can, however, be done. Moms might even end up wanting one of these baskets for themselves!

When it comes to baskets for older kids, the focus is less on candy, more on cool. Treats start taking the form of beauty products, accessories, and cool electronic gadgets. But those days of chocolate marshmallow eggs and rainbow Peeps aren't completely behind parents of teens, of course. It's just that older kids are less concerned with the sweet stuff, and they don't care at all about little stuffed rabbits, colored bubbles, and sidewalk chalk anymore. (Did parents ever even think that would happen?)

They don't want a basket of jelly beans from the Easter Bunny -- they don't even believe in the Easter Bunny anymore -- but that doesn't mean they've outgrown the whole Easter ritual entirely. (Ah, the paradox of adolescence.) So with all of that in mind, we rounded up 35 things any tween or teen would love to find in their Easter basket. Moms and dads, try not steal all of this cool stuff, okay?

  • Bunny Sheet Mask


    Sheet masks are all over Instagram right now for a good reason -- they're fun! (And they work pretty well, too!) This Pretty Animalz Bunny Sheet Mask is especially appropriate for this time of year.

    Pretty Animalz Bunny Sheet Mask ($6.50; ASOS)

  • Fidget Cube


    The product description pretty much sums up the Fidget Cube: "Unusually addicting." Each side of the cube provides a different way to fidget, which apparently people crave, because these things are hot. 

    Fidget Cube ($9.99; Antsy Labs)

  • Customizable Headphones


    For music enthusiasts who truly want to walk to their own beat, these earphones are perfect. They allow kids to customize their look and show off their creativity.

    Design Your Own Headphones ($30; Uncommon Goods)

  • iPhone Charger Sticker Faces


    Besides just being fun, these stickers will help identify kids' chargers, so they stop fighting over which one is theirs -- and stop stealing Mom's and Dad's.

    iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set ($12.95; Uncommon Goods)

  • Pizza-Scented Lip Balm


    For kids who just can't get enough pizza, this pepperoni-scented lip balm may be just right fit. If nothing else, it will make a good conversation starter.

    Pizza Slice Lip Balm ($3, BluePoppyBath, Etsy)

  • Metallic Calligraphy Pens


    Even kids who've never tried calligraphy before will be inspired to take up the hobby with these irresistibly sparkly pens! Bonus: It's a productive skill that doesn't involve electronics. We'll call that a win!

    Metallic Calligraphy Pens ($12.97, Amazon)

  • Disney Princess Cream Rouge


    Not only is this adorable tin the stuff Disney princess dreams are made of, but the rouge inside is sure to give the lucky girl wearing it rosy cheeks just like Snow White.

    With a Smile and a Song Cream Rouge ($20, Besame Cosmetics)

  • Wireless Phone Charger


    Kids are always forgetting to charge their devices, and this wireless charger works with a huge variety of phones. Plus, it's small enough to fit on a desk or a night stand. No more low battery panic!

    Wireless Charger ($17.99, Amazon)

  • Unicorn Pencil Holder


    Magical inspiration for homework will come when kids pluck a pen or pencil from this unicorn holder -- or at least that's what we can tell them will happen. 

    Back to the Drawing Horn Pencil Holder ($6.99, Modcloth)

  • Pink Donut Pool Float


    There's no sweeter way to spend a day lounging in the pool than on a giant, floating donut. Bonus: It has sprinkles!

    Giant Donut Inflatable Strawberry Frosted Donut with Sprinkles Pool Float ($19.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  • Avocado Socks


    If there's such a thing as hip produce, avocados take the prize. And these trendy socks proved avocados are great on everything from toast to toes. 

    Avocado Halves Sock ($8; Urban Outfitters)

  • Drawing Pencil Set


    Encourage aspiring artists with this fully stocked, easy-to-carry set. The sturdy case makes it so that kids can toss it in a backpack and have on hand at all times!

    Drawing Pencil Set in Zippered Case ($9.24, Amazon)

  • Fashionable Sunglasses


    Tweens and teens will be oh-so-cool in the hot summer sun with a snazzy pair of new shades. They'll feel especially cool if they get a cool vintage pair like these.

    52mm Oversize Mirrored Sunglasses ($12, Nordstrom)

  • Unicorn Poop Soap


    You can't go wrong with unicorns, and thanks to everybody's favorite emoji, you can't go wrong with poop these days, either. This Easter treat combines it all for the funnest soap ever.

    Unicorn Poop Soap ($14, Amazon)

  • Ninja Bandaids


    This is how to make cuts look cool! Even the most aloof adolescent can still appreciate a fun novelty bandage, especially if they're printed with ninjas.

    Ninja Bandaids ($9.79, Amazon)

  • Funny Chocolate Bunny


    No bunny is ever too old for a chocolate bunny! This adorably quirky one is nine inches of straight-up solid chocolate goodness.

    Ears the Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny ($19.99, Harry and David)

  • Star Wars Lip Balm


    Not only does this lip balm look like R2-D2, it also tastes like blueberry. Excuse us while we geek out over this.

    Lip Smacker Star Wars Tsum Tsum Balm in R2-D Licious ($11.78, Amazon)

  • Just-the-Marshmallows Cereal


    Save kids the trouble of picking through the cereal box and give him or her a big bag of straight-up cereal marshmallows. Sure, it's sugary -- but it's really no worse than a bag of jelly beans!

    Cereal Marshmallows ($16.99, Amazon)

  • Origami Bunny Ring Holder

    metal rabbit ring holder