35 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas Even Teens & Tweens Will Love

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pink donut pool float

Hippity, hoppity, it's that time of year when the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping down the bunny trail to leave all sorts of fun things in the baskets of kids everywhere. But what about when the little bunnies aren't so little anymore? Many teens and tweens still want to wake up and find their baskets filled with goodies, but surprising and delighting them often isn't quite as easy as it was when they were younger. It can, however, be done. Moms might even end up wanting one of these baskets for themselves!


When it comes to baskets for older kids, the focus is less on candy, more on cool. Treats start taking the form of beauty products, accessories, and cool electronic gadgets. But those days of chocolate marshmallow eggs and rainbow Peeps aren't completely behind parents of teens, of course. It's just that older kids are less concerned with the sweet stuff, and they don't care at all about little stuffed rabbits, colored bubbles, and sidewalk chalk anymore. (Did parents ever even think that would happen?)

They don't want a basket of jelly beans from the Easter Bunny -- they don't even believe in the Easter Bunny anymore -- but that doesn't mean they've outgrown the whole Easter ritual entirely. (Ah, the paradox of adolescence.) So with all of that in mind, we rounded up 35 things any tween or teen would love to find in their Easter basket. Moms and dads, try not steal all of this cool stuff, okay?

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