18-Year-Old Wants to Raise His Sister After Both Their Parents Die

Kyle and Madison Nester GoFundMe
Kyle and Madison Nester/GoFundMe

When we think of today's teens, we often picture them facedown in their smartphones, completely consumed by social media. But here's a heartwarming yet bittersweet story about one high school senior who couldn't be more selfless. Eighteen-year-old Kyle Nester is seeking custody of his 15-year-old sister after their parents passed away unexpectedly within a 14-month period.


The teens from Groveport, Ohio, lost their father on Christmas Eve of 2015. He was just 42 years old. Last week, their mom passed away at the age of 46, following an illness, leaving the siblings without guardians. 

At a time when most 18-year-olds are thinking about heading off to college and gaining more independence, Kyle has petitioned for full guardianship of his sister, Madison. 

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The caring young man told ABC News, "She's all I have left. So I have to do everything I can for her."

It sounds like Kyle, an honor student and football player, takes after his mother, telling ABC, she was "a really good mom, always doing her best to make sure we had everything we needed."

Wouldn't she be proud to know her son's plans now? Though he'll be attending Ohio State University in the fall, Kyle still intends to care for his sister, since the university is only about 20 minutes away from their hometown. Their grandparents, who live a couple of hours away, fully support his decision, as does his high school football coach Bryan Schoonover.

"The thing I keep telling people about Kyle is how strong this young man is," Schoonover told Babble. "There are very few people who would not only be able to deal with the loss of both parents, and at the same time focus on keeping his family together. People have asked if I was shocked he was trying to gain custody of his sister and my answer since I first found this out was no. This is something he wants to do and never thought twice about."

This teen is truly an inspiration.

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We can't even imagine the grief these siblings must be experiencing, but it's a comfort to know they have each other. And, if Kyle is granted guardianship, they'll remain together until Madison goes to college. That has to make her feel loved and supported in the wake of all the sadness they've endured.

GoFundMe page has also been established to help the teens. 

"I know it's not going to be easy, but I have the whole community behind me," Nester told ABC. 

We hope these two are able to stay together. What an amazing way to honor their parents.

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