11-Year-Old's Bold Bucket List Is the Definition of #Goals

Girl's Bucket List

It's so important for kids to have goals. But when you discover what they include, you may be taken aback -- in the best possible way. One big brother stumbled upon his 11-year-old sister's aspirations and shared the tween's bold and hilarious bucket list. More than 16,000 Twitter fans have shown their love for Jesse's big dreams, which showcase her large appetite for life -- literally. 


The brave girl's goals include "eat a hammerhead shark, snake and bear," and the list just gets better (and more unique) from there. 

Check out her other lofty ambitions, like sleeping for 24 hours, eating 10 Taco Bell Dorito tacos, and getting a pet koala:

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We love her brother Josh's reaction: "what the hell is she on" -- um, good question! 

Not only did the tweet garner plenty of interest from her brother's followers and the rest of the Internet, but Taco Bell (which factors heavily into the middle of the list) is getting involved. 

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Now it looks like Josh's tweet is about to make at least some of his sister's dreams come true:

Love it!

Personally, my favorite is the specificity of #3: "get a sign that said something in a bifferent [sic] language then on Mar. 12, 2019 I will translate it." That is priceless! 

It's so important to listen to and acknowledge children's dreams -- even if they initially sound really unusual to us. 

Last spring, I had the pleasure of interviewing Olympic athlete Ashton Eaton and his mom, Roslyn. Beaming with pride, Roslyn shared how, from the time her son was just a small boy, he was determined to accomplish great things. She believed it was her job as a mom to honor her son's dreams and help him achieve them, no matter how far-out they seemed at the time. 

Well, now it looks like thanks to Josh's tweet, Jesse may be well on her way to checking off at least a few items on that bucket list. But, let's hope "pet a cheetah" remains merely a dream, for the 11-year-old's safety at least!

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