13 Apps That Make It Impossible for Your Kids to Be Sneaky Online

If you've got a tween or a teen, chances are he or she has a smartphone ... or a tablet, or a laptop, or all of the above. Chances also are that your tween or teen is on his or her device of choice pretty much 24/7 -- doing, well, who knows what exactly?! We'd all like to think we know what our kids are doing on their phones or computers, but the truth is we can't keep watch on them all the time ... or can we?


Whether you're worried about cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate content, or just the sheer amount of time your child is spending on social media or playing games, there are a wide variety of apps on the market designed to help keep parents in the loop -- and keep kids safe. Some of them are even free! 

apps to protect teens online

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