Is Using 'Nudes' in Word Problems the Way to Get Kids Interested in Math?

When it comes to math, word problems are typically pretty challenging, but one these ninth graders were given definitely had them scratching their heads. A teacher at Middleburg Heights Junior High School in Ohio made algebra an unexpectedly controversial subject by including a test question that asked students to calculate the amount of time it took to send texts and "nudes" -- say what? 


We all know it can take a lot to get kids' attention these days, especially as we compete with smart phones and social media, but we're dumbfounded that teacher Daniel Rapp thought including this question was a wise move.

One dad, who was rightfully "appalled" when his son showed him a photo of the word problem Rapp displayed on an overhead projector, complained and had his son and daughter switched to another classroom after they said this teacher used both drug and sex references while teaching.

Ready for the problem? Grab your pencil and prepare to scratch your head, because this is a doozy:

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"Tony can send five texts and three nudes in 19 minutes. He could also send three texts and one nude in nine minutes. How long would it take him to send one text and one nude?"

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Wow, while this probably got the attention of just about every kid in the room, it's pretty startling, isn't it? What's even more surprising is that this isn't the first time this teacher has been cited for inappropriate behavior.

According to Berea City Schools Superintendent Michael Sheppard, Rapp who was given a written reprimand in this instance, has a prior reprimand on file for making other inappropriate comments in his classroom.

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While we know high schoolers are certainly aware of drugs and sex, you don't expect their teachers to be promoting them throughout their teaching and lesson plans. 

We have to wonder what's next for this educator. With two strikes against him, will he go back to teaching by the book?

Most parents love when their students get a teacher who tries to find common interests to forge a connection that will spark a love of learning -- but these topics are definitely not ones you want your child bonding over with an adult. 

Daniel Blair, who filed the complaint, explained while he's not trying to get the teacher fired, he does want to know what exactly is going on in his kids' classroom. 

"I don't want to take anybody's career from them. I mean, if these were isolated incidents, that's fine," Blair told Fox 8 Cleveland. "But to just wash it under the table and not do an actual investigation, and see exactly where this is going."

We can't blame this dad. It's better to be proactive than wait around for a third incident to occur. 

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