Boy Dies in Tragic Snow Accident That Could Happen to Any Kid

Phil McDonald/Shutterstock

Most kids who grow up in cold climates relish the opportunity to play in the snow with their friends. But one outing took a heartbreaking and tragic turn for two friends in upstate New York earlier this week. Joshua J. Demarest, 13, died after city workers unknowingly dumped snow on him and his friend Tyler J. Day, 12, as they built forts and tunnels in a private lot where excess snow is discarded after sidewalks are cleared.


A search for the friends began after Day's sister reported the boys missing, according to News 10. Footprints and a nearly buried sled led rescuers and police dogs to find the duo, who, sadly, were never spotted by workers as they played in the mounds of snow. 

Demarest was transferred to Saratoga Hospital, where he died later Tuesday evening. Day was treated at the hospital but was released and able to return home Wednesday.

Our hearts break for Demarest's family and friends. To lose this young boy, who was simply out having fun and enjoying the snowfall, is devastating -- especially so close to the holidays. 

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This could be anyone's son. What child can resist the temptation to play in an enormous snow mound? 

It's so sad because if the boys were building forts, it explains why workers would never have seen them. It's such a tragic and unforeseeable accident. 

You have to imagine the workers feel a horrible sense of guilt for not realizing children were playing there. 

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This story is a heartbreaking reminder to parents to be sure that their kids are safe while playing in the snow. While it's not always easy or pleasant to stand out there freezing and watching them, knowing that they're in an area that's away from cars, traffic, or plowing equipment might have been enough to prevent this unthinkable accident.

Especially as winter get under way, it's crucial to keep kids safe so a fun afternoon doesn't take a deadly turn. 

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